For most couples, pregnancy is an exciting time; for some, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Maybe you were able to "plan" for this pregnancy; maybe it caught you by surprise. You may have a vision of what you want this birth to be; you might not. All of this is okay and perfectly normal. Having a doula as a part of your birth team can help you navigate the overwhelm, prepare for the surprises, and support your vision. 


OUr Mission


It is the passion and mission of Pasadena Doula Associates that all women should have the right to feel supported, to be encouraged and empowered to make informed decisions, and allowed the space and opportunity to labor and birth in a manner that will leave them with positive feelings, no matter how their child is brought into the world.


Tenaj Ikner, CD-L

Owner & Labor Doula

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tenáj. I am a long-time wife to my high school sweetheart, homeschooling mom to three amazing human beings, wearer of many “hats”, a certified Labor Doula, and sole owner of Pasadena Doula Associates. 


Service Overview

The time between pregnancy and birth is vital to how we enter into parenthood, how we view ourselves as spouses or life partners, and how we view ourselves as women and men. Being able to have the kind of support you need through this process is equally important. Knowing this and having the opportunity to choose your support team is key.

Deciding to hire a doula is a big decision and an investment. You are investing in yourself and your process of bringing your baby into the world. You are making the decision to go into your labor and birth informed, supported on your terms, and with the security of knowing what you want matters.


Free consultation

An opportunity for exploration on why you would like to have a doula join your birth team. We discuss your goals and get acquainted to see if we are a good fit for each other.


labor package

Unlimited email, phone, and text support throughout pregnancy, one (1) in-home prenatal visit, 24/7 on call period at 38 weeks gestation, labor and immediate postpartum support, and a final scheduled in-home visit.


childbirth education

Coming Soon!