Today’s Top 5: Things to Say During Pregnancy, Birth, & Parenting

For a birthing woman, there is nothing like knowing your spouse or partner is IN this with you. The labor and birth process is an incredibly vulnerable and intimate time and space. Most often, up until the latter part of pregnancy, women aren’t focused on the actual birth. There is far too much preparation to take place to focus on something SO BIG.

But, right around 30 weeks, or so, this labor and birth process gets real. It is coming! We begin to question whether or not we can do this. Even if we’ve done it before, we can question our abilities this time.

“Can I do it this time? I want a natural unmedicated birth. Can I handle the pain?”, “I had a cesarean the last time, but want to try for a home birth. What if my body “doesn’t work”?”, or better yet, “I want the drugs! Give me the good stuff right away! Is that okay?”

Through this process, there is a relying on our partner that might be a bit too much for you to handle. At least, that’s what you think. But, let me give you the Top 5 things to say to your wife, mother of your child, lady that will give her the boost of confidence she needs when she’s having her internal, and sometimes external struggles with this birth that seems to be coming quickly.


I love you. I trust you.

You’ve got this.

I’m here. You’re safe.

Not only will these five statements take you through the end of pregnancy, they are PRICELESS GEMS during the labor process and into the parenting journey. If you want to be the hero, don’t try to save her from what is a natural process. Instead, comfort her with these few words and whatever other tools you happen to have in your toolkit.

You’ve got this! And if you need back-up, there’s ALWAYS a doula.