Is that all?

I’m sharing a post I wrote over on an old blog in 2014. As a doula, homeschooling mother of three, and this particular baby now 5 years old, I have such different perspective.


Originally written January 21, 2014

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like this?

I have many days when I feel like I don't get anything done except washing cloth diapers. I probably only get THAT done because, without them, the baby would have none. It’s an ABSOLUTE must. I'm not even sure how I manage it at times.

Some days I feel extremely unproductive. Almost to the point of tears. But, then I have to put it all into perspective. I have a demanding 8-month old baby. She takes up much of my time. We have many days where she will not nap unless I hold or lay with her while she nurses herself to sleep. What can I complete during this time? Nothing.

This is through one set of glasses. What I must see is she's being loved and nurtured. That's what I wanted to be home for, right?! While I may struggle to realize this all the time, it’s the most important job.

What about you? Do you have days where all you get done is maybe one thing? Maybe it's simply brushing your teeth OR *gasp* a shower. Those are always nice. :-)


This was a hard time for me. I remember feeling so alone. But, I was doing the best I could. So, here’s to you! You are not alone. We see you. You’re doing great! Keep loving on your baby. It’s the most important job. Everything else can and will wait. We’re right here cheering you on.

Tenaj Ikner

Labor Doula serving the Pasadena foothills and surrounding cities.